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Friday, September 12, 2008

Text Expanders in Action – Temporary Inputs

I was working on a particular type of file I end up having quite frequently today when I realized I'd forgotten several of my ShortKey entries for terms they were using over and over and over again. Luckily, as I posted about in Methods for Creating ShortKeys, I do have fairly regular methods that I use to create my inputs.

This particular time I was saved with a few of my favorites. I'd forgotten that I had added "mni" to expand to "my name is" the last time I had these files because of how frequently it's used. When you're dealing with 20 or more files, having to type that is not my idea of a good time.

Additionally, when I do have situations like this where I'm going to be transcribing something unique over and over and over again, I set up a temporary ShortKey for it. I tend to keep my temporary ShortKeys the same things and change them when I come across these situations. In this particular group of files I made one for an introduction. My input is always the same, "tyfc." What the ShortKey is changes based on the files I'm working on, but it usually looks something like this:

Thank you for calling Transcription Talk where we talk about everything relating to transcription. How may I help you today?

And I'm thankful for my temporary ShortKey 17 times today. It is the best feeling to be able to take a nine-second break at the beginning of each file to stretch my hands out.

1 Comment:

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