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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poll Results – Do You Use a Pedal?

It was great to hear from you all in this week's poll about who uses a pedal. It looks like most of you started out using one and still use one today. The answer I found most interesting was the three of you who started out using one but no longer do. We'd love to hear why you switched to using hotkeys!

If you're still trying to decide whether to purchase a pedal or not and are working regularly as a transcriptionist, we encourage you to make the investment. All three of us used the hotkeys when we started transcribing, and we were all hesitant to invest in a pedal because we felt like we had mastered the hotkeys and it would not be worth the learning curve. However, there is no doubt that using a pedal is an easy skill to pick up and will undoubtedly increase your transcription speed. There are many reputable sellers selling new pedals (the Infinity IN-USB-1 is our pedal of choice) on eBay, which is where I bought my last pedal from.

If you're just getting started, it's okay to just use the hotkeys while you gain experience and make the decision as to whether this is a career you want to pursue. But once you begin working regularly, be sure to make the switch because you'll find that it enables you to work smarter and faster and therefore earn more.

1 Comment:

Donnette said...


I am one of those who used to use pedals and now prefer hot keys. When I opened by biz in 1977, pedals were the only option, but once I discovered hot keys, I was hooked. I type very fast - well over 100 wpm and my rates are well over $200/audio hour. I stay very busy and use subcontractors extensively.

So I respectfully differ when you say pedals are the only way to go faster and make more money. Maybe it's my musical background that contributes to my ability to use the hot keys so effectively, but I cringe when I get a tape now. In fact I have a colleague who has won speed typing contests who will go to the trouble of digitizing tapes so she can use hot keys. I will admit I don't have time to do that.

My back was hurting this week, so I got in the recliner with my laptop and transcribed away. (I work exclusively on laptop, but do use external keyboard most of the time.)

Best of everything to you,

Donnette Cowgill