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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Text Expanders – Common Phrases L-O

Today we're continuing the list of common phrases. You can find the previous lists at Common Phrases A-C and Common Phrases D-K.

Shortcut Output
lblittle bit
lelaw enforcement
lgtlet's go to
llelocal law enforcement
lmslet me see
lmstlet me say this
lngladies and gentlemen
lobtlack of a better term
lslet's see
lshlet's see here
mofmatter of fact
mphmiles per hour
ndno doubt
ndaino doubt about it
ndatno doubt about that
nfpnot for profit
nfpsnot for profits
nmno, ma'am
npno problem
nqno question
nqano question about it
nsno, sir
oaoaoon and on and on and on
ocof course
oicoh, I see
onemone moment, please
ontron the record
oocout of control
oooone on one
oosout of stock
ootone of the
oottone of the things
osaone step ahead
ot/off topic
otohon the other hand
otoson the other side
otroff the record