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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Text Expanders – Common Phrases D-K

As I mentioned in the Common Phrases A-C post, adding phrases to your text expander program (or autocorrect) is one of the best ways to gain significant increases in your productivity. Mandi did a list of "I don't" expanders previously, so be sure to check those out if you haven't already.

Shortcut Output
dbadoing business as
dtmdoes that mean
dykdo you know
faqfrequently asked questions
ftrfor the record
fwiwfor what it's worth
fyifor your information
gfygood for you
hihhand in hand
hotshundreds of thousands
hotsohundreds of thousands of
iatin addition to
iawin any way
imoin my opinion
iofin order for
iotin order to
iowin other words
irlin real life
itoin terms of
itw in the way
iycif you could
iyoin your opinion
iyowin your own words
iywif you will
ko kind of
kol kind of like
kso kinds of
kwim know what I mean
kwis know what I'm saying