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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FTP 101 – Creating a Network Place

So far, we've covered how to connect to an FTP server using Windows Explorer through your browser and by using an FTP client. This week we're going to look at how to set up a permanent link in "My Network Places" that will save all of your information for you and allow you to connect just by clicking on the icon.

First, go to My Network Places>Add a network place (under Network Tasks).

A new window will pop up and prompt you. Click Next to advance.

Select Choose another network location and click Next.

Enter your FTP server address.

Add your user name if you have one.

Select a name for your network place so you remember which FTP server it is. I name mine as the network address usually because the client name is most often in the address. Do something that will be easy for you.

Select Finish and your network place will appear.

Click on it to open the FTP server.

Now you can save your password and your network place will just be a click away whenever you need to retrieve a file.

1 Comment:

professional ghost writers said...

Create or set the network place for the FTP server using the windows explorer. The FTP client is waiting for you in this session . Just click the icon in the image with for the advance option you can also follow this article. You can also choose your location.