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Monday, October 6, 2008

ShortKeys Giveaway 2!

We're very excited to announce our second ShortKeys giveaway sponsored by the maker of ShortKeys, Insight Software Solutions. Anne won our first giveaway, and we hope she is beginning to see all the added benefits that a text expander program offers. You can see how we utilize ShortKeys on a daily basis by viewing our lists and our text expanders in action posts.

We recently went over an added benefit of ShortKeys: the ability to create multiline expansions and what to remember when you create and utilize them. Therefore, to enter this contest, tell us what the longest text expander you use is. No need to type out the whole thing if it's REALLY long, but give us a clue as to the content or a word/line count.

The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 12. We will pick a winner from all the comments left using Random.org. Good luck!


Donnette said...

I type five key strokes "init/" and get:

Initial Contact:

Called Insured at _ _.m., _, August _, 2008
Spoke with:
Established mutually agreed upon appointment date/time for:

I discussed policy provisions, coverage, limits, and deductible with insured. Insured agreed and understood. Yes.

I discussed with the insured the 5 factors of the Customer Requirement Index: Care & Concern, Timely Manner, Adequately Informed, and Clear Explanation of Claim Process as well as the 5 step claim process (Loss report, Contact, Evaluation, adjustment and Wrap-up). I explained we are doing the contact step. Yes

I have reached a mutual agreement with insured that no further voice to voice contact will be necessary until the day before the scheduled inspection to remind them of the appointment; all contact information has been provided to the customer? Yes

Mortgagee Confirmed?

Donnette said...

There is one more line, but didn't have room for it in this space for the blog comment.


MomofFour said...

I have just started using text expanders and my longest is jcupn which is the format I use for my progress note template.

sam'sbride07 said...

I use initials of the doctors I work with to list their detailed, full titles. Comes in handy for signature blocks in letters!

Stephanie said...

My longest one right now would be ADA, which expands out into the entire Americans with Disabilities Act for one of my contracts.

Webmaster said...


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