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Monday, September 1, 2008

Win a Copy of ShortKeys!!!


You've seen it in action and seen our lists. Now you can win your own personal copy of ShortKeys to try it out firsthand!

We're so excited to be offering this awesome giveaway sponsored by Insight Software Solutions, the maker of ShortKeys. ShortKeys will allow you to increase your productivity by setting up text expanders with its flexible, easy-to-use program.

So how can you win? We've made it super easy. Just leave us a comment on this post telling us what your favorite, most useful text expander is. I'd have to say that mine is yk = you know, because, you know, people are always saying you know!

So let's hear it! The contest will run through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 7. A winner will be generated from all comments received by using Random.org.


madfam said...

The yk = you know is one of my most-used expansions, as well. My favorite, though, is idk = I don't know. It's amazing how often that one comes up in conversation.

Julie said...

My favorite is also yk - you know, but another is IM - I mean. These are the two I seemed to use the most

Anonymous said...

My favorite is also idk = I dont know. It certainly does come up frquently.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the 4-letter shortcut I use for my employer's name, which is 3 words. Definitely a frequent time saver!

alanajo said...

YMMV (your milage may vary)

anne said...

My favourite is dyk for 'Do you know what I mean?' Some people use that as much as 'you know' and it's no fun having to type it out in full each time!

Stephanie said...

Yk is a popular one here, as well, but my favorite would have to be tby, which expands out to "the best of your knowledge and ability"

Every one of my insurance interviews ends with that question and I got tired of typing it over and over.

Mullins said...

I like yhtr = you have the right to remain silent

PATJEN said...

tyvmftc - Thank you very much for this consultation.

PATJEN said...

As an MT I use these in almost every report
yoafamm-year-old African-American man
yocm -year-old Caucasian man

Just change the last letter to an F to make it female!

Works like a charm!

Even tho I am an MT, I learn something new all the time from your blog. We MTs often concentrate too much on abbreviations for medical terms, but the general terms can also be abbreviated, and there is where I learn tons from you.

Thank you

Sondra said...

One I use quite often is TP for "the patient".