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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Text Expanders In Action – Multiline ShortKeys Part 2

Mandi already posted about how nice it is to be able to create ShortKeys with multiple lines, and I wanted to add one thing that is very important to remember when you do so. You need to remember to either account for the space that activates the ShortKey or remember to delete it.

For example, look at this example from Mandi's post:


If you just enter the the ShortKey suggested, "appl," you then also need to type a "space" for the ShortKey to expand (if you use the suffix keys such as a space for activation.) However, this puts you one space into the line you end on. To fix this, you're going to need to hit "backspace" to get to the beginning of the line. You could also take out one of the "enters" and use the extra enter for expanding your ShortKey.

This is just something to keep in mind when creating multiline ShortKeys to keep your formatting correct. Whichever way you prefer to handle it is up to you, but I'd suggest picking a way and sticking to it so it's not another thing you need to remember for each individual ShortKey.


Proword said...

Have you considered using a macro for multiline expansions?

In doing court work when there's a change of speaker, I have to do something like
HIS HONOUR:[space][space]

Usually there are 4 channels, one microphone for each person so each speaker (except the witness under oath) requires a multiline shortkey.

In both MS Word and WordPerfect for Windows I create a macro to do this for me. This is Tools for both, but can be assigned its own button or menu for speed and convenience.

I then assign the macros to the respective keys.
Alt1 is the Bench
Alt2 is the Witness
Alt3 is Prosecution/ Applicant
Alt4 is Defence/ Respondent.

In MS Word this is done through Tools\ Customise\ Keyboard\ Categories\ Macros. These can be unassigned when no longer needed, but the macros still remain in the directory so can quickly be reassigned as needed, without needing to be retyped.

In WordPerfect for Windows, this is done through Settings\ Keyboard. WP is different to MS Word in this respect because the entire keyboard file can be saved for a specific case, so when I get back onto an old case, I merely select the appropriate keyboard and all my speaker changes are returned in one mouse click. Further, the assignments can be instantly changed in the middle of a document without needing to go through reassigning individual keystrokes.


anne said...

Have just found out that you can also set up this formatting in the wonderful Shortkeys (won in the last Shortkeys giveaway, thank you ladies!), using the 'miscellaneous keys' function. It's very easy and I'm able to set up individual formatting (including tabs etc.) for different clients and save these in different files.


kaif said...

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