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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oops – QuickBooks Simple Start

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to link to QuickBooks Simple Start in my post yesterday, and it can be a difficult thing to find if you don't know where you're looking.

Additionally, I looked on Amazon for old versions of QuickBooks and found that you can buy a full Pro 2008 version of QuickBooks on Amazon used starting at $99.99 and new for $129.00, which is as much as half off the price of the Pro 2009 version that recently came out. For those of you that may not know, QuickBooks upgrades their software every year, and several companies and accountants also upgrade every year; however, the difference from year to year is minimal, and there are an equal number of people that choose to use an older version for several years before investing in a newer one. This website details what's new for the 2009, just in case you find yourself questioning which would be best for you.

And finally, I also saw that you can buy the Simple Start Plus Pack used starting at $13.29. The addition of the Plus Pack includes online backup, the ability to write checks and a training CD to help you use the software more effectively and to its fullest potential.

I hope this helps everyone find the correct version of the software they are looking for, and if you're in the market for either the Pro version or the Plus Pack, the prices on Amazon are really a great deal. I'd encourage you to take advantage of them.