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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Text Expanders in Action – Why I Love ShortKeys

There's no question that Shaina, Tara and I all love ShortKeys as opposed to Word's AutoCorrect tool. One of many reasons I personally love it is the hint window that pops up when you've typed one of your shortcuts. I have most of my ShortKeys memorized, so it's not as if I'm staring at it all day long – in fact, as I type, it probably pops up 5-10 times per sentence, and I never even glance at it most of those times. However if I've added a new ShortKey that I'm trying to use more often, I love being able to watch for the window as I type.

For example, let's say I was trying to start using govt for government but was having trouble remember what my ShortKey was. I might type gover and govmt and see that there is no hint window. Then, if I type "govt," I see this:

Knowing that I've type the right thing, I can hit the spacebar to make it expand and then keep right on going. It definitely makes it easier for me to put my text expanders into action.

1 Comment:

criscollrj said...

How strange - I never knew there was a hint area and I've been using the program for a few years.

I went into go to the file area to switch on the hints and I don't even have a file area on mine! it's just the shortcut keys area. There's no file bar at all…