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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finding Motivation on Tough Files or Long Days

Shaina and I have this little game that we play when we're struggling to focus or trying to hit a deadline. Because we are pretty much always in contact by instant messenger (IM), we'll start racing each other.

I'll message her with the current time and the current timestamp from my audio, and she'll reply back with hers and then we'll race the clock – and each other – to see how fast we can go, giving status updates every 10 minutes or so (I think we update more often if we're especially struggling with an icky file). Obviously it's not always a fair race if one of us has crystal clear audio with a speaker who's stuck in slow-mo and the other has a 12-person focus group with accents from 4 different continents, but it works for us. When she's not on IM, I try to race the clock on my own, but it's never quite as effective.

How about you? Do you ever race the clock? Do you have any fun incentives to help you focus and get your work done faster?

1 Comment:

margi said...

I don't know that many people who do what we do - plus I think probably everyone in the world is faster than I am - but I motivate myself by saying to myself, "You can have that after you get to the half-way mark," or "Lush-bomb bath only AFTER the file's complete," that sort of thing.

Usually, though, because I'm working late late or early early, I allow myself a nap after I finish. Hahaha!