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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Text Expanders in Action

For those of you who use text expanders on a regular basis, I wonder if you’ve ever had an experience like this before. I recently transcribed a file in which the speaker mentioned dozens of different political figures he had worked with. As he would describe them, he repeatedly used “noble” and “noble man.” I debated throughout the entire file whether I should take the time to stop and add a ShortKey for those words, perhaps nbl or nb for noble and nblm or nbm for noble man. I did not, however, ever actually do it. When I got to the end, I decided to see how many times he had used the word/phrase in this two-hour file, and I was amazed to see that I had type “noble” 21 times and “noble man” 18 times. I sure wish I had taken the 15 seconds or less (I just had my husband time me as I added them) it would have taken to add these two text expanders!

1 Comment:

margi said...

Lately, I have been getting a series of files on the same subject, so I definitely add text expanders on a temporary basis.

For me, this especially holds true with people's names. I will add a person's name - DEFINITELY if it's difficult to spell - so that I don't have to retype it over and over again.

Whether I remember to delete it? THAT's another post. Heh.