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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Macro for Gonna, Wanna, Sorta, etc.

I'm excited to share another macro with you today. But first, for those of you who may have had trouble with the first macro, which automatically changes your sentence spacing from one space following each sentence to two, I'm trying something new. I've now hosted a Word document with the macro at Google Docs. I think the issue may have been that the macro lost its formatting when pasted into Blogger and Word couldn't recognize the code. Click here for that document.

Also, be sure to revisit the old post for instructions on installing the macros.

This new macro is another one of my favorites. Because my main contract uses verbatim speech, such as gonna, wanna, sorta, 'em and 'cause, I sometimes find that I inadvertently use these words when transcribing files that require proper English in place of this common slang. This macro automatically replaces all of those words with the correct speech with the push of a button. To grab the code for this one, click here.

Once you've installed the macro, you can then choose a keyboard or toolbar shortcut to make activating the macros a simple process.