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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Product Review: Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand

I love the flexibility that transcribing on a laptop allows me because I can move around the house with the kids or even transcribe in the car on occasion. However, I don't love the fact that it burns the heck out of my legs when I use it for long periods of time. I literally have a red blotch on my right thigh from the excessive heat that it gives off.

So I was very intrigued when I ran across this Belkin laptop cooling stand one day, so much so that I decided to purchase and give it a try. I'm happy to report that it really does what they claim! It very effectively cools off my computer, is comfortable to use, and doesn't draw a huge amount of power to keep it running.

It was ready to go right out of the box. I just plugged it into one of the USB ports, and that was it. Just one fan does the trick, and it runs very quietly. I'd definitely recommend to anyone working on a laptop.


margi said...

Thanks for the tip. I presume this means you don't use a foot pedal? ;o)

Tara said...

Actually, I do use a foot pedal! Luckily my laptop has three USB ports so I can accommodate everything easily. I just take it all with me wherever I go. :D

margi said...

I'm learning to unchain myself from my desk as well. I have an extra foot pedal now, for my laptop and I love love LOVE being able to get out of my office on occasion. Thanks for letting me know - I thought I was Transcription Deficient or something. Heh.