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Friday, January 16, 2009

General Transcription 101 – New and Improved!

We're excited to share with you that we've recently revamped the General Transcription 101: Your Complete Guide to Getting Started ebook! In addition, we've written a supplemental ebook on earnings calls, a specialized and highly lucrative segment of the industry, as well as added two additional informational podcasts and transcript keys.

The new and improved package includes all of the following:
  • General Transcription 101
  • Your Complete Guide to Financial Earnings Calls
  • Podcast 1 – JR, Transcription Company CEO
  • Podcast 1 Transcript Key
  • Podcast 2 – Sharon Lee Harkey, Purple Shark Transcriptions
  • Podcast 2 Transcript Key
  • Podcast 3 – Patrick Gubbins, Way With Words
  • Podcast 3 Transcript Key
  • Podcast 4 – Dave Coldiron, Transcription Center
  • Podcast 4 Transcript Key

Regular price on this virtual fount of information will be $49.99, but of course we wanted to give our loyal readers the opportunity to purchase it at a discounted rate. So through Saturday, January 24th at midnight EST, you can purchase this valuable package for just $34.99!

“General Transcription 101 was well written and provided the exact information needed to begin the process of applying with transcription companies.”

Order now to get started on your path to a career in transcription!!!

If you've purchased General Transcription 101 in the past and are interested in the supplemental earnings call ebook, podcast, and transcript key, we have a special offer for you too. You can purchase this package for just $14.99!

“Since purchasing your e-book last fall, I've told many of my friends & acquaintances about [General Transcription 101]. I've since been hired by AHT Transcription & work shifts on a regular basis. I'm thoroughly enjoying the job.”


Again, this limited time only price will expire at midnight EST on Saturday, January 24th, so don't wait!!!

1 Comment:

Anson Haag said...

Thanks for giving such a nice information. "General Transcription 101" well written book on Transcription Service and provided the exact information needed to begin the process of applying with transcription companies.