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Monday, September 22, 2008

New Poll – What is Your Preferred Style of Headphones?

What style of headphones you use is a very personal choice. What works for someone else might not be comfortable for you, but hearing why people have chosen a certain style can be a huge help when you're determining what style to select for yourself. So after you vote in the poll located on the inner right sidebar on Transcription Talk, make sure to come back and and leave us a comment about why it's your preferred style!

1 Comment:

Mullins said...

I switched from iPod earbuds to the over the head Bose headphones mentioned here once before. As my teenager says, OMG! They are so much more comfortable and, in my opinion, I can hear the audio better and they block out a lot of ambient noise just by the way they're constructed. They're expensive, but the comfort alone made it worth it!