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Monday, September 8, 2008

New Poll – How Do You Prefer To Have Work Assigned?

Every company has their own way of doing things and assigning work to their subcontractors. The question is which way do you prefer? Do you like to request a certain amount of work and have it sent to you? Do you prefer to log in to a central server or hub and grab jobs as they become available? Is it better to have scheduled times where you log in and wait for work to be available for you to do? Then there is the random request to see if you are available as work becomes available. Perhaps you prefer to have several of these contracts and juggle them all to create a balance.

Whichever way you prefer, I'm sure you have your reasons. Feel free to comment and let us know what they are, or if you choose other, feel free to let us know what the way you prefer to have your work handed out to you is.

Thanks for voting!


Rose said...

I prefer to have contracts where I log into a server and grab jobs as they become available, however my current main contract is one where I request a certain number of files and they send them as available. The problem with this is that the length of the files is variable. I may request 10 files and get 10 that average 10 minutes each, or get 10 where two or three are over a half hour each. The due dates are always two days from assignment, so sometimes it's quite the push to get them done.

Heather said...

I may possibly work for the same company as Rose. I, too, like to request my work, but find it difficult to plan anything else when I don't know exactly how much work I will have. I would love to pickup a contract where I could log onto a system and grab available work. This would allow me to request work from my main contract and fill in when I'm available and at a moment's notice if I wish.

Truthfully, I don't like the idea of filling out a schedule. I really like to be able to run to the grocery store, appointments, take my son to the park or other things on a moment's notice if I can just do my work earlier or later in the day and still meet my deadlines.

If I worked with a company that would e-mail me or call me to see if I could take work, I would feel more compelled to squeeze in extra work and would feel bad when I would have to refuse work.

ladymacy said...

I like to get assignments randomly. I work with a few different contractors, and really like the fact that I can take work when available. Allows me more flexibility to adjust my workload when needed.

Stephanie said...

I work with several different companies and they all have their own way of assigning work.

I believe I work for the same company as Rose and Heather, but don't request much simply because you never know how many minutes you're going to get.

Two other companies, I request minutes and get that or less.

My largest contract says I have x, y and z available (sometimes more like a-z!) what would you like. And even other times, she says I have x hours available (usually long trial) would you like the entire thing.

I'm not into the set schedule thing, only because that's why I chose to become self-employed. If I wanted to work a schedule (and they insisted that I did), then they better start paying my taxes, giving me vacation days and health insurance :)