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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Text Expanders – Common Phrases P-Z

Rounding out our lists of common phrases is the final in the series, P-Z. If you're looking for the previous lists, they can be found at Common Phrases A-C , Common Phrases D-K, and Common Phrases L-O.

Shortcut Output
pgaplease go ahead
plprplease proceed
pos/point of sale
povpoint of view
ppc/pay per click
psovpoints of view
sbshould be
sfso forth
sop/standard operating procedure
sop/sstandard operating procedures
sosfso on and so forth
swasaid another way
tactrue and correct to the best of your knowledge
tbhto be honest
tseto some extent
tsmthanks so much
tsmcthanks so much for the call
ttbkto the best of your knowledge
ttmtalk to me
ttmcthanks for taking my call
ttotthis, that, and the other thing
tyfcthank you for the call
tymcthank you for taking my call
typcthank you for the phone call
tysthank you, sir
tysmthank you so much
tyvmthank you very much
utdup to date
wadrwith all due respect
wamwait a minute
wan/wide area network
wbbwe'll be back
wbrbwe'll be right back
wdkwe don't know
wdrcwe don't really care
wdytwhat do you think
wkowhat kind of
wksowhat kinds of
wtgway to go
wttwelcome to the
wwbwe will be
wwgowhat was going on
wwywhat would you
wwydwhat would you do
ydkyou don't know
ydnyou don't need
ydyyadda, yadda
ykwyou know what
ykwimyou know what I mean
ykwisyou know what I'm saying
ykwityou know what I'm talking about
ymyes, ma'am
ymmyear, make, and model
ysyes, sir
yswyou see what
yswimyou see what I mean
yswisyou see what I'm saying
ywyou're welcome