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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Text Expanders – "I..." phrases

The first list of text expanders I ever posted was the "I don't..." phrases. Today, let's take a look at their counterparts, the "I..." phrases.

As always, if you're new to text expanders, check out Tara's post on getting started. And while these are my suggestions, make sure that you're customizing them to fit your preferences and systems. Text expanders only provide a benefit if you actually remember them and use them!

Shortcut Output
iaI agree
ibI believe
igiI get it
igI guess
ihI have
ikI know
ilI like
imI mean
in/ or ineI need
iseI see
it/ or ithI think
it/s or ithsI think so
ithoi thought
iuI understand
iwI want
iwtI want to
iwlI was like
iwsI would say
imgI'm going to
img/ or imgaI'm gonna
imnI'm not
imsI'm sorry
imsuI'm sure