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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hyphenating Words, Part 3 – Miscellaneous

We've already reviewed hyphenating compound modifiers, as well as prefixes and suffixes. Today we'll finish up this series by talking about miscellaneous instances where hyphens should be utilized.

::Hyphens should be used to denote when a word is spelled out.

  • I live at 3087 Rosedale Court, R-O-S-E-D-A-L-E.

::Two-word names of numbers less than one hundred are hyphenated.

  • twenty-two

::A "dangling" hyphen is used when separate, consecutive, hyphenated words are connected by the words "and," "to," or "or."

  • nineteenth- or twentieth-century antique

::Miscellaneous instances where hyphens are used are dates, phone numbers, and sports scores. It is also occasionally used to hide letters in words, e.g., G-d, and in hyphenated surnames.