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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Research in Action - Google Shortcuts At Work

A few weeks ago I was transcribing a medically-laced dictation for a lawyer when I came across a term I was unsure of. A quick Google search revealed that the proper spelling was "laminectomy and fusion." I continued along until I reached a few other words that I needed to confirm. Remembering I had seen a PDF link that I thought possibly contained what I was looking for, I used Tara's Google Cheat Sheet to search only for PDF files.

Searching "laminectomy and fusion filetype:pdf" revealed the link I had seen prior. This one search sent me on the course of finding the long list of terms I was encountering regarding acute transverse myelopathy and sent me skipping happily along, giving me a new place to start my Google searches from there on out when I encountered terms like "erythematosus." It's amazing how finding that one necessary word can change your search just enough to provide the information you're looking for. Knowing how to focus your search definitely helps.