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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting the Most out of Microsoft Word 2007

Recently, Kelley left a comment on one of the posts with some additional tips for improving your productivity with Microsoft Word 2007. She's worked for Microsoft for over seven years now in roles ranging from premier support services to enterprise sales and is now an Office Technology Specialist.

Her original comment was:

With Word 2007, there are some additional enhancements that will help your productivity in transcription.

The spelling checker can now find and flag some contextual spelling errors. Have you ever typed a mistake similar to the following? I will see you their. In Office Word 2007, you can enable the "Use contextual spelling" option to get help with finding and fixing this type of mistake. More Info on Grammar and Spelling in Word 2007

When you use the spelling checker, it compares the words in your document with those in the tool's main dictionary. The main dictionary contains most common words, but it might not include proper names, technical terms, or acronyms. In addition, some words might be capitalized differently in the main dictionary than in your document. Adding such words or capitalization to a custom dictionary prevents the spelling checker from flagging them as mistakes. Custom Dictionaries in Office 2007

How to customize the color of the spelling and grammar checker underlines in Word 2007

She also sent me these two additional links that look like great resources. One is the Word team's blog, which includes dozens of great articles, and the other is for the "Getting Started Tab" for Word 2007, which, according to Kelley, "translates the old user interface to the new interface, has links to training, how-to, etc on Office Online. It's really a must for new users of Office 2007."

How many of you have upgraded to Microsoft 2007? Any tips to share? Issues you're having? If you haven't yet, are you planning to in the near future?

1 Comment:

margi said...

I upgraded last year and I love it. The ribbon IS more intuitive than the old interface.

I have one tip that might save time searching.

If you need to edit the properties of a document, click on the Office Button (far left of the ribbon) and then "Prepare" and "Properties".

It took me a while to find it the first time.