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Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting Started – Tigerfish Test for Practice

If you've already been practicing with audio and have reviewed the basic style differences, perhaps you'd like to try your hand at an actual test. Most companies will not offer to let you test until you've applied and they've reviewed your qualifications, but a handful of companies have their tests located on their website so that anyone may attempt them. This is a very useful tool for anyone looking for a real-life scenario of how a test would be formatted, and you may even end up with a contract from it!

One such company that has their test online is Tigerfish. After reading the instructions on their employment page, you can download their style guide as well as the test audio. I would recommend that you read the style guide thoroughly before attempting to transcribe the audio. If you are interested in actually submitting your test, instructions for that are included on their site. The receive a large number of tests every week, so you may or may not hear back from them, but it's still a valuable experience.

Please know that this is not an endorsement of the company but simply an additional resource for practicing and getting a feel for a testing situation. If you have questions about Tigerfish as a company or working with them, you should contact them with these directly. Although I have contracted with them in the past, I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of employment with them. I will state that they were a good company to work for and the pay was slightly better than average.

Check back later this week for tips from Shaina on putting together a résumé and cover letter to submit applications, and I'll have tips on testing next week!