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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Text Expanders – "I don't..."

These are some of my favorite text expanders. It's amazing how often people use these phrases!

*Note: I use / as my suffix key when the letters I want to use are already in use. However, Tara finds that key awkward, so she does things differently. It's important that you modify these so that they work best for you!

id/ – I don't
ida – I don't agree
idb – I don't believe
idbu – I don't buy that
idc – I don't care
idev – I don't even
idek – I don't even know
idf – I don't feel
idg – I don't get
idgi – I don't get it
idha – I don't happen to
idh – I don't have
idk – I don't know
idl – I don't like
idme – I don't mean
idm – I don't mind
idn – I don't need
idre – I don't really
idrc – I don't really care
idrk – I don't really know
idr – I don't remember
ids – I don't see
idt – I don't think
idts – I don't think so
idu – I don't understand
idw – I don't want
idwt – I don't want to